The diagnosis of fetal anomalies is one of the most important issues in obstetrics and in our clinical practice. The ability to detect fetal pathologies should neither be a sterile exercise of medical skill nor a skill reserved to the aristocracy of obstetrics and fetal medicine. Diagnosis of fetal pathologies is essential not only to take a decision whether to terminate a pregnancy, but it also helps in avoiding fetal compromises/sequels,  choosing the appropriate management for each pathological condition and, in some specific situations, treating the fetus directly in the maternal womb. Nowadays, this awareness shifts our profession into a new era and constantly pushes us to improve our skills.

The philosophy of this course and of the Permanent School of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (PSUOG) is to spread the scientific knowledge for its use in daily clinical practice and to teach 100% of our experience emphasizing technical and methodological details that are often missing in classical courses.

The location of the course is in a new hyper-technological structure located in Perugia that is one of the most beautiful Medieval city with one of the oldest universities in Italy.

Experience a complete immersion in the field of prenatal diagnosis with this incredible line-up of experts, in a lovely environment and stunning atmosphere.

The course is open to medical professionals properly trained in ultrasound techniques and to Obstetricians who shall further develop appropriate skills and methodologies in maternal-fetal scan.



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