Diploma in “Basic Ob/Gyn Ultrasonography”

Diploma in "Basic Ob/Gyn Ultrasonography"

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General Informations:
The Diploma in “Basic Ob/Gyn Ultrasonography” offers a basic education in obstetric and gynecological ultrasound. The Diploma combines theoretical and practical on-site training



Educational Goals:

Participants receive a basic knowledge in ultrasound to evaluate the fetus during pregnancy and to evaluate the main aspects of the female reproductive system



Specific Goals of Diploma:

  • To make participants update and improve their knowledge and skills in basic ultrasound from 2D basic evaluation of the fetus, at different gestational ages, to 2D basic evaluation of the uterus, ovary and small pelvis
  • To let doctors/midwives achieve greater autonomy, providing them a remarkable education in Ob/Gyn ultrasound




The theoretical and practical parts are focused on the following topics with slides, videos and other teaching materials:

  • Physical basic principles of ultrasound and echographic applications
  • Notes of fetal embryology and basic anatomy
  • First trimester (site of the gestational sac, number and vitality of the embryos, dating ultrasound, basic morphology of the embryo, counseling)
  • Second trimester (basic anatomical evaluation of the fetus and ultrasound markers, evaluation of fetal biometry, counseling)
  • Third trimester (fetal biometry and evaluation of fetal weight estimation, evaluation of fetal well-being, counseling)
  • Evaluation of cervical length and its use in the clinical management
  • Evaluation of the main aspects of the female reproductive system (uterus, ovary and small pelvis) during the several female ages
  • Basic aspects of pathologies in the female reproductive system



Admission Requirements:

Candidates can be:

  • obstetricians and gynecologists
  • residency trainers in obstetrics and gynecology
  • medical doctors
  • nurse/midwives with an interest in ob/gyn ultrasound








Four weeks




Please, contact the secretary at info@www.psuog.net




G. Clerici, MD, PhD




PSUOG at the European Medical and Research Center

Via Del Giochetto







After attending the course and passing the final examination, the participants receive a diploma in “Basic Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology”




€ 3,500




For communications/information about the courses, please use the info@www.psuog.net email address



To attend the course, candidates must fill the application form below and send it to the school secretary at the info@www.psuog.net

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